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Favorite Books

Luna, Luna:  Creative Writing Ideas from Spanish and Latino Literature, Julio Marzán (Editor)

Introduction to Spanish Poetry, Eugenio Florit


Café Rico:  Taller de poesía

Café Rico is a poetry writing workshop for Spanish 4 that begins with a look at how to create images in poetry:  personification, simile, metaphor, antithesis, hyperbole, and sensory description.  It continues with syllables, spoken and written accents, rhythm and rhyme, and concludes with a look at the odes of Pablo Neruda.  We examine several important poems of various genres as examples.  Each section includes activities for increased understanding and ends with four original poems written by each student, including a haiku, a poem featuring rhythm, a poem featuring rhyme, and an ode. 

For the final class period there is a “coffee house” in the classroom, complete with popcorn, finger-snapping, and background jazz.  Each student must read at least two of his or her poems in front of the class (with appropriate expression, of course.  Most students can’t wait to read all four of their poems. 

The purpose of the unit is not to study specific poetry in depth.  We do that in other lessons at other times during the year.  This unit intends to familiarize students with a manageable variety of literary and poetic devices that they can use to create their own original poems. 

Similarly, there is not a laundry list of literary terms in this unit.  Instead the scope is strictly limited in order to provide a more meaningful and interesting study for the students.  Many of the elements lay the groundwork for the AP Spanish class the following year. 

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Café Rico:  Taller de poesía



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Free!Preview:  Poetry Writing Workshop

Still not sure?  Try our mini version of the poetry writing workshop.  You get lesson plans and activities for the first day, an overview of the rest of the unit and activities, plus alignment with National Standards.

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